Are you trying to shift to a healthier lifestyle? If yes, probably you are cutting back on consuming some macronutrients that your body requires. Doing so, you lose sight of the liquid calories that slide down into your stomach. 

Do not leave any stones unturned for an effective weight-loss journey. Bringing changes to your drinks can have a drastic difference on your diet. Pair your diet routine with zero-calorie drinks to turbo-boost your fat loss! 

Natural zero-calorie drinks for fasting and weight loss

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Not all zero-calorie drinks can shred your pounds though. Some contain additives like sweeteners that add many unnecessary calories to your body. Other beverages have shown effective results in promoting weight loss. How? All these natural zero calories boost your metabolism and reduce hunger, encouraging weight loss.

First, we will unravel why most zero-calorie drinks are considered to be bad. Moving on, we will share a list of the 10 best natural zero-calorie drinks for weight loss. 

Why are most zero-calorie drinks bad? 

The effects of zero-calorie drinks and their effect are a controversial issue for all dieters. Calories are the results of our diet, so adopting zero-calorie drinks will allow you to not gain weight. Right?

Wrong. Instead, most zero-calorie drinks leave a negative impact on your body: 

  • They lead to weight gain, not weight loss. Artificial sweeteners are the actual culprit behind this. Instead of reducing your waist circumference, they increase it by almost 70%.
  • Most zero-calorie drinks add 0 nutritional value. Even though you are not gulping down any calories, you are not adding swallowing anything good either. 
  • Such drinks are often linked to heart disease and diabetes. Studies show that zero-calorie drinks can be related to type 2 diabetes. Due to obesity, they might even give rise to heart disease.
  • They lead to inflammation. All those chemicals in the zero-calorie drinks basically represent an irritant. What they do is disrupt the way your body absorbs nutrients. Unfortunately, inflammation increases belly fat – the belly fat you were dreaming of letting go of. 
  • Like diet soda, many other zero-calorie drinks contain acidic pH levels that cause tooth decay
  • Studies show that consuming some zero-calorie drinks per day links to higher levels of depression (source)

What are natural zero-calorie drinks? 

To give you an immediate boost of energy, natural zero-calorie drinks are the best way to let nutrients enter your body. Yes, you read that right. Nutrients! Natural zero-calorie drinks contain certain nutrients that keep your body nourished and hydrated

They can even help you lose weight by stabilizing blood sugar, increasing metabolism, and controlling cravings. 

As natural zero-calorie drinks contain no additives, they are considered to be more effective.

10 Best Natural Zero-Calorie Drinks for Weight Loss

Here are some of the natural zero-calorie drinks you could consume to get healthy.

1. Green tea

zero calorie drinks - green tea

Green tea is deemed to be the most nutritious drink on this planet. It is the best food source of the antioxidants catechins that provides many healthy functions: fat loss, protection against cancer, reduced risk of heart disease, and enhanced brain performance.

Ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder has the highest catechin content.

By stimulating fat loss and increasing metabolism, green tea may help to reduce your weight (source). Even more, it contains caffeine to boost performance and energy levels.

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2. Coffee

Need a drink to stimulate your mind? What can be better than a dose of coffee? You must be aware of the stimulant in coffee, caffeine, which also promotes weight loss. 

Coffee can help boost your metabolism and stimulate fat-burning (source). Alongside this, coffee boasts several other health benefits for you, such as lowering risks of depression, liver and colorectal cancer (source, source, source). 

3. Water

Do you maintain the daily intake of water? The recommended water intake is 8 glasses of drinking water per day. 

Now, detox water is water with some infused flavors of herbs, spices, vegetables, and fruits. It increased your metabolic rate, allowing your body to burn more calories. 

The health benefits will vary based on the ingredients you infuse it with. The actual benefit comes from the detox water, as eating the ingredient in their whole form would not provide the same results. 

If you prefer bubbly water, the healthiest sparkling waters are the ones that you can easily make at home!

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4. Apple cider vinegar drinks

zero calorie drinks - apple cider vinegar drinks

You have probably used apple cider as medicine or in cooking. Next up on the list is the apple cider vinegar drink. 

Full of various health benefits, the apple cider vinegar drinks can even lower your body fat. It gives you a feeling of fullness, a feeling of content with what you eat. This triggers you to lose weight and eat comparatively fewer calories.

All in all, apple cider vinegar drinks aid weight loss by reducing blood sugar levels, lowering insulin levels, and promoting satiety (source).

5. Ginger tea

Ask anyone what the healthiest spice on this planet is and you’ll likely find ginger to be the answer. Not only is ginger incredible for weight loss, but it’s also packed full of other health benefits too.

Stimulating your body to burn more energy and boosting metabolism, ginger tea can promote weight loss.

6. Vegetable juices

Without consuming the whole vegetable, the juicing process includes fibers that help to detox the body and burn fat

Vegetable juices like celery and bitter gourd juices combine many nutrients into a healthy liquid that facilitates your journey to weight loss goals. 

7. High protein drinks

For those who want to shed their weight, sprinkle some protein powders into your drink. Beverages like these curbs your hunger, promote satiety, and decrease appetite

You can find many protein drinks that can be consumed for appetite control. Some drinks like almond milk, banana protein shake, and vegan protein shake reduce your cravings for food.

You can lose weight and maintain your lean muscle mass by adding high protein drinks into your diet. 

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8. Green smoothies 

Containing a great portion of water, these green smoothies come in handy to flush your body weight. It is a blended drink containing mostly fruits or vegetable greens, or a  mixture of both. 

Green smoothies are pack full of health benefits, but once you give it a try, you will crave it! Containing fibers, the smoothies make you feel full. The water helps to increase your metabolism

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9. Coconut water 

zero calorie drinks - coconut water

Coconut water is extremely rich in minerals like potassium, protein, natural enzymes, and fibers, making it a perfect beverage for weight loss. 

It has the right balance of vitamins and minerals to replenish your body’s electrolytes. Even if you consume it just once during the day, it keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

10. Black tea

Black tea is full of compounds that stimulate weight loss. Being high in flavones, black tea is associated with reductions in body mass index(BMI), waist circumference, and weight (source). 

It contains antioxidants that have been proven to trigger weight loss. Even more, drinking black tea daily helps to reduce your body fat. 

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