Welcome! I help busy moms lose weight and stay skinny while eating delicious meals.


  • You’ve already tried all the diets out there and are ready to finally stop and lose weight for the last time

  • You are a busy working mom that spends most of your time working and taking care of your growing family that you have little time to spare on taking care of yourself
  • You want to feel good all the time about yourself and what you’re eating

  • You never want to feel that guilt and regret after giving in to a sugar binge again

  • You want to be an example for your children so they won’t have to go through the same weight struggles you’ve been going through


I’m not a fitness guru or a bikini competitor.  Just a real mom with a real problem to solve.

I struggled with digestive issues and a bulging belly most of my life.

After becoming pregnant and giving birth to a set of twins, my belly stayed looking 6-months pregnant over a year later.

I could not fit into any of my pre-maternity clothes. Shopping was also no longer fun as the bulging belly kept creeping through the mirror even when I tried on clothes 2 sizes bigger.

Kind-hearted New Yorkers continued to get up to offer me their seats when I walked into crowded subway cars because I still looked pregnant…

While I appreciated their kind gesture, I felt down about the way I looked and was determined to make a change.

I started to count calories, avoid carbs and eat small portions – only to find myself feeling too deprived and exhausted all the time that I could hardly keep up with my busy working mom life.

Juggling a demanding career as a software product manager where I worked 9-to-5 during the day plus regular Skype calls at night with my software development team on the other side of the globe, and caring for toddler twins back home, I had little time and energy left to go work out at the gym.

I almost resigned myself to accepting my post-baby body when I remembered my experience with the healing powers of food.

Having worn eyeglasses and contacts for 15+ years since high school, I discovered that I healed my nearsightedness after drinking green smoothies.

I wholeheartedly believed food to be the answer to my weight loss quest and started my research.

What I stumbled upon was an amazing world of spices, herbs, and nutrient-rich foods that turned the conventional wisdom on weight loss upside down!

I ate simple, flavorful meals and lost 10 pounds in the first month, and a total of 28 pounds in the six months that followed.

My before & after

Joanna Wen Before_After

I trimmed my post-twin pregnancy belly by 9 inches without a single sit-up!

People no longer get up for me when I enter crowded subway cars.

I have more energy to keep up with my young twins.

And it wasn’t just me either! My friend saw my body transformation and asked what I was doing, so I shared what I did and she dropped 50 pounds over a period of 8 months

In the process, she reduced her thigh chafing, knee pain, and unwanted fatigue.

Her biggest takeaway?  The pride and confidence she felt in what she has accomplished, and it radiated in the way she carried herself.

That’s my story.  Now it’s YOUR TURN.

What if you could lose weight effortlessly eating flavorful, satisfying food, and get off that hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE?


Joanna Wen weight loss coach

I’m Joanna Wen and these are my little ones that inspired Spices & Greens!

I graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biological and Environmental Engineering, and I enjoy hacking my own health using food as medicine.

Here are some of my other results from food hacks that’ve surprised even my doctors:

  • carried my twins to full-term with above-average birth weights on my petite 5-feet tall frame at age 40
  • weaned off high blood pressure medication naturally despite strong genetic predispositions at age 30
  • healed my nearsightedness after wearing eye contacts or eyeglasses every day since high school in my mid 30s.
  • healed my uterine fibroid without invasive surgery.
  • healed my son from severe eczema and any associated allergies to laundry detergents and foods.

It’s my passion to “troubleshoot” health issues for family and friends, and experimenting with ways to create tasty foods as medicine in my kitchen lab!

In addition to food hacks, I’ve also mastered mind hacks that can help you with what feels like with out-of-control habits like boredom eating – without relying on your willpower.

It’s how I cracked the code on my own nail biting habit of 30+ years. In short, I know how to align your mind and body to achieve your goal faster with less pain. 

It’s YOUR TURN to take control of your health so that you can free your brain from that constant food chatter, and eat and live life the way you want!