Spices & Greens teaches you how to eat clean and lose weight with the healing powers of foods

I struggled with digestive health issues and a big belly most of my life. My stomach would constantly remind me of its existence and moods, and I always needed to plan my days carefully around what I’d eat and when to keep it calm and happy.

I didn’t look overweight, but most of the extra bulge sat right where my tummy is, and I would always wear loose tops to hide the “food baby” belly.

In late 2014, I became a proud mom and gave birth to a set of adoring twins. A year later as we celebrated their first birthdays, my belly stayed at a stubborn 36 inches mark and I still looked 6 months pregnant.

I could not fit into any of my pre-maternity clothes. Shopping was also no longer fun as the bulging belly kept creeping through whatever I tried on in the mirror.

Kind-hearted New Yorkers continue to get up to offer me their seats when I walk into a crowded subway car… it was time to take action.

I’ve been fascinated by the healing powers of food ever since my quest for radiant skin through drinking green smoothies also amazingly healed my nearsightedness. I was able to bid goodbye to eyeglasses and contact lenses that I’ve worn since high school!

Since then, I continued to use food as medicine to sustain a healthy full-term twin pregnancy with my petite 5 feet tall frame, naturally heal my uterine fibroid and my son’s eczema.

I began to research foods that would aid in reducing my belly and stumbled upon the amazing world of spices, herbs, and other nutrient-rich foods.

It turns out that you CAN eat your way to weight loss and a happy belly:

  • without counting calories and feeling hungry all the time
  • without spending hours at the gym and doing countless sit-ups and ab crunches
  • without limiting your diet to boring and bland steamed vegetables

I’ve since shrunk my waistline by 9 inches and dropped 28 pounds in weight. I’m no longer constantly aware of my stomach and its temperament. I’m able to wear my favorite “skinny” clothes that I’ve kept buried in the back of my closet for years while secretly yearning to fit back into them “someday”.

That “someday” has finally become today!

My friends and family have taken notice and have been asking what I was doing. This site is dedicated to them and to all of you who is braving this battle of the bulging midsections together!