Tired of drinking that boring old H2O?  Did you know that by adding a few ingredients to your water, you can transform your plain water into glorious detox water with bursts of colors and flavors?

Wondering what ingredients to add to your detox water to lose weight, gain energy, clear skin, body flush and cleanse, metabolism boost, and help you achieve flat belly and many other benefits?  Includes detox water recipes with fat burning spices like ginger and cinnamon, and fruits such as lemon, strawberry, peach, watermelon, cucumber, grapefruit, pineapple, blueberry, orange, lime, mint, raspberry, apple and also apple cider vinegar.

Drinking water is a great lazy hack to lose weight fast, as it keeps the body regular and helps to flush out harmful toxins.

What Is Detox Water?

Detox water is made by combining plain water with fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices and letting the ingredients soak for at least 2 hours in the refrigerator. The longer you let the ingredients soak, the more flavors and nutrients you will drink!

What Are The Benefits Of Detox Water?

Aside from their great taste and zero calories, detox water has many additional health benefits, including:

  • Boosts your metabolism.
  • Improves your mood.
  • Flushes toxins from your system.
  • Fills you up so you don’t eat as much junk food.
  • Keeps food moving through your system.
  • Keeps your organs functioning and healthy.
  • Reduces muscle fatigue during your workout.
  • Helps your body recover faster from a workout.
  • Beautifies your skin, nails and hair.

Drinking water and weight loss go hand in hand. Drinking water to lose weight and be healthier is one of the easiest habits you can build, especially when you have so many healthy and delicious detox waters recipes to choose from!

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Must-Haves for Making Detox Water

Infuse Water in Non-toxic Mason Jars

You can easily make detox water by adding the ingredients in the recipes below to a 16 oz mason jar and then fill up the jar with plain water or sparkling water. Make the detox water the night before and store it in the refrigerator so that the ingredients infuse overnight.

The mason jar is convenient to take-and-go in the morning, and pairing it with colorful striped straws and straw lids makes me want to sip on these drinks even more during the day!

Ball Mason Jar (16 Oz)Ball Mason Jar (16 Oz)Straw Lids and StrawsStraw Lids and Straws

You can re-fill the mason jar with water twice keeping the same ingredients. It’s best to drink it 30 minutes prior to each meal of the day so that you are less likely to overeat during your meals.

Jazz Up Your Detox Water With Sparkling Water

Mixing detox waters with seltzer or sparkling water instantly make your detox water drink sizzle!

The healthiest and most eco-friendly way to add sparkling water to your detox water drink is to make your own at home.

SodaStream helps you to make a liter of sparkling water in seconds with a push of a button.

Not only can this sparkling water maker help you to enjoy drinking more water, but it can also help you to wean off unhealthy soda habits when you crave bubbly drinks!

Once you’ve tasted naturally flavored sparkling detox water, you won’t want to go back to the artificial flavors of unhealthy soda, and this will help you save money in the long run by not purchasing cans after cans of soda.

My family now enjoys making our own refreshing sparkling detox water, and you can replace plain water with sparkling water in any recipe below!

12 Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss

1. Cucumber


Ingredients: 1/2 medium cucumber (5 slices)

This simple classic cucumber water was one of the first detox water recipes to make its rounds at Spas. Cucumbers contain antioxidant nutrients including vitamin C, beta-carotene, and manganese. It can help you fight inflammations and has potential anti-cancer benefits. Cucumber also helps reduce water retention in the body by acting as a natural diuretic and thus speeds up your weight loss.

2. Lemon & Ginger

Ingredients: 1/2 lemon (sliced), 1-inch knob ginger (grated)

Lemon contains high amounts of vitamin C, aids in digestion, and acts as a detoxifier to help flush toxins out of the body. Regularly sipping on lemon water can help you lose weight, as the pectin found in lemon helps you feel fuller.

There are many benefits of ginger for weight loss, and pairing these two together makes for powerful water cleanse to shed those extra pounds.

Adding ginger also makes this a great detox water for flat belly, as ginger is an effective digestive aid that helps reduce your bloat and reveals a flatter tummy.

3. Peach & Mint

Ingredients: 1/2 peach (sliced), 8 mint leaves

Peaches and other fruits with pits are low in fruit sugar, and can potentially ward off metabolic syndromes and decrease the risk for obesity-related diseases including diabetes. Mint aids your digestion, eliminates gas, prevents stomach acid, helps you absorb nutrients, and is anti-inflammatory. Its aroma and flavor are both refreshing and relaxing.

4. Apple & Cinnamon

 apple-cinnamon-detox water

Ingredients: 1/2 apple (sliced), 1 cinnamon stick

Apples are high in pectin and can help eliminate toxic build-up and cleanse the intestines. The benefits of cinnamon for weight loss revolve around its ability to control blood sugar. Cinnamon adds a distinctive, yet subtle sweetness to the water.  This makes for tasty infused water for weight loss!

This is also one of the best detox water for a flat belly as cinnamon may help to turn “bad” belly fat (white fat) into “good” brown fat that burns calories (source).

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5. Strawberry, Lemon & Mint

Ingredients: 5 strawberries (sliced), 1/2 lemon (sliced), 6 mint leaves

Strawberry can help unload toxins and even shed extra pounds with its diuretic properties. This is a colorful and flavorful combination that is sure to be a party favorite.

6. Watermelon & Mint

Ingredients: 1 cup watermelon (sliced), 8 mint leaves

Watermelon contains citrulline that helps the liver and kidney filter and flushes out toxins such as ammonia. The mint adds a refreshing dimension that is perfect for cooling down on a hot summer day.

7. Grapefruit, Apple Cider Vinegar & Raw Honey

Ingredients: 1/2 red grapefruits (sliced), 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 tsp raw honey

Grapefruit is an excellent intestinal and liver detoxifier. It also packs a high fiber content so be sure to eat it after you finish drinking this delicious detox water. There are many apple cider vinegar health benefits, among them its ability to aid digestion and weight loss efforts.

Raw honey, unlike refined sugar, contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals so you are not just drinking empty calories. Its sweetness balances the strong vinegar in this recipe.  Using homemade sparkling water instead of plain water also softens the strong vinegar taste.

8. Lemon, Lime & Mint


Ingredients: 1/2 lemon (sliced), 1/2 lime (sliced), 8 mint leaves

The citrus fruits in this detox water recipe provide high vitamin C to boost your immune system. And yes, mint is my favorite ingredient for detox waters!

9. Pineapple, Cucumber & Mint

Ingredients: 1/3 cup pineapple (sliced), 1/3 cucumber (sliced), 8 mint leaves

Pineapple contains bromelain, a digestive enzyme that helps cleanse your colon and improves digestion. Add in the cucumber and mint and this detox water is a powerhouse for your digestive system.

10. Orange & Blueberries


Ingredients: 1/2 orange (sliced), 1/3 cup blueberries

This combination is simply gorgeous to look at and delicious to boot! It’s loaded with antioxidants and vitamin C that can boost your immune system.

11. Raspberry & Lime

Ingredients: 1/3 cup raspberries, 1/2 lime (sliced)

This is yet another pretty and simple detox water to enjoy, especially in the summertime when raspberries are in season. The insoluble fiber found in raspberries promotes regular bowel movements, which also aids weight loss.

12. Strawberry, Basil & Cucumber

Ingredients: 6 strawberries (sliced), 5 basil leaves, 1/3 cucumber (sliced)

The strawberry and cucumber are energizing and rehydrating, and the basil helps to curb appetite and reduce fluid retention.

Weight loss and drinking water go hand in hand. Drinking water helps to increase your metabolism, cleanse your digestive tract, clear your skin and promote overall health.

So upgrade your boring plain water with these 12 delicious, healthy detox water recipes to boost your weight loss! And the convenient grab-to-go mason jars paired with these straw lids and striped straws make drinking on the go and refills throughout the day super easy, you shouldn’t have any more excuses not to drink your water!

Ready to drink up?! What are your favorite ingredients for your detox waters?


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