Want to jazz up your plain water to a cucumber lemon mint detox water for a boost in flavor, weight loss and many more health benefits?

Cucumber lemon mint water recipe and benefits and how to use this detox water for weight loss and flat belly. This infused water is a great summer drink!

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Most of us don’t drink enough water to keep our body hydrated throughout the day.  Drinking plain water can get old and boring fast.  And if you are trying to lose weight and eat clean, sugary sodas and juices are big no-nos.

An easy and healthy way to help you drink more water is to turn plain water into flavorful detox waters.

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What is a Detox Water?

Detox water is made by adding fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, and spices.  These healthy ingredients provide more vitamins, antioxidants, and flavor to the water. 

This water mixture is also sometimes called fruit flavored water, infused water, or sassy water.

There are many benefits to drinking detox water that include:

  • Weight loss.
  • Clear skin.
  • Higher energy levels.
  • Boosted immune function.
  • Detoxification or elimination of toxins.
  • Balanced pH. 
  • Elevated mood.

By making your own homemade detox water, you have the flexibility to choose the ingredients you want based on the health benefits you are looking for.

How to Flavor Water Naturally

32 oz. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle with Time Marker & Insulation Sleeve32 oz. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle with Time Marker & Insulation Sleeve

The easiest way to flavor water naturally is with a fruit infuser water bottle.

With a fruit infuser water bottle, you just have to add your fruits, veggies, herbs, and spices into the fruit infusion chamber and then pour your water to fill up the rest of the bottle.

Store the bottle in the fridge overnight (or for at least 3 hours) and you’re good to grab it and go the next day!

I highly recommend this bottle because you really get the best value for your dollars.  It comes with everything you need to infuse your drink, plus an insulated sleeve to keep your drink cold for a few hours.

The bottle has time marked lines from 8am-5pm to help you track your water intake throughout the day!  It even comes with an infused water recipe ebook to inspire you with 20 delicious recipe ideas too!

How to Jazz Up Your Detox Water Instantly

Mixing detox waters with seltzer or sparkling water instantly upgrades your detox water with a sizzle!

The healthiest and most eco-friendly way to add sparkling water to your detox water drink is to make your own at home.

SodaStream helps you to make a liter of sparkling water in seconds with a push of a button.

Not only can this sparkling water maker help you to enjoy drinking more water, but it can also help you to wean off unhealthy soda habit when you crave bubbly drinks!

Once you’ve tasted naturally flavored sparkling detox water, you won’t want to go back to the artificial flavors of unhealthy soda, and this will help you save money in the long run not purchasing cans after cans of soda.

My family now enjoys making our own refreshing sparkling detox water, and you can replace plain water with sparkling water in this recipe below!

Health Benefits of Lemon Cucumber Mint Detox Water

The ingredients in this lemon cucumber mint detox water are chock full of vitamins and minerals to increase your overall health.

cucumber lemon mint detox water - health benefits

Benefits of Lemon:

  1. Improves skin health – the high vitamin C found in lemons may help reduce dry skin and wrinkles from aging, and damage from the sun.
  2. Supports weight loss – lemons contain pectin, a type of fiber that helps reduce your appetite.  Use your straw to break off the lemon pulp to maximize the pectin content in your lemon water!  Drinking more water along with your sliced lemon can also help you feel more full without adding more calories. 
  3. Freshens your breath – drinking a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning or after meals with garlic or onion may help you avoid bad breath.  Lemon is thought to increase saliva and the water also helps to prevent a dry mouth, which can lead to bad breath caused by bacteria.
  4. Helps prevent kidney stones – Human studies have found that drinking more lemon juice can help treat kidney stones (1).  Lemon water contains high amounts of citrate, and increasing the amount of citrate in your urine is thought to prevent calcium from binding with other compounds and to form stones.  

Benefits of Cucumber:

  1. Improves skin health – Cucumber contains vitamins B5 and silica, which makes it an effective remedy for treating acne and soothing the skin.  Drinking more cucumber water not only provides your body with extra minerals and nutrients, but it also helps to flush out toxins from your body to support healthy skin.  
  2. Supports weight loss – Cucumber is a diuretic that can help you shed extra water weight.  Cucumbers have compounds, sulfur, and silicon, which stimulates the kidneys to increase urination. 
  3. Boosts brain health – Cucumbers are a good source of fisetin, an anti-inflammatory flavonol which animal studies have associated with protecting nerve cells, improving memory and decreasing the risk of Alzheimer’s (2). 
  4. Supports muscle health – Cucumber contains silica, a mineral that is not just good for the skin but also for the muscles.  Cucumber is also a good source of potassium, which is important for muscle energy and can help with muscle recovery.  Drinking cucumber water post-exercise ensures that your muscles are properly hydrated.
  5. May help prevent cancer – Cucumbers may protect the body against cancer as it contains compounds called cucurbitacins and a group of nutrients called lignans (3). Both of these compounds show the ability to combat cancers before they can start or disrupt the progression of certain cancers. The fisetin found in cucumber known to boost brain health is also known to protect against prostate cancer (4).
  6. Lowers blood pressure – Cucumber contains potassium, an electrolyte that regulates the amount of sodium retained in the kidneys. When you drink cucumber water, its potassium will help your body get rid of the excess sodium, thus regulating blood pressure.
  7. Boosts bone health – cucumbers are high in vitamin K that helps the formation of proteins required for maintaining healthy bones and tissues. 

Benefits of Mint:

  1. Improves digestion – Mint is thought to stimulate digestive enzymes and encourage bile secretion and flow, which helps to speed up and ease digestion.  Mint is also thought to relieve pain and discomfort from gas and bloating.
  2. Supports weight loss – Mint is a natural appetite suppressant that helps to reduce your overall calorie consumption.  A study in 2008 from Wheeling Jesuit University in West Virginia found that participants exposed on a consistent basis to peppermint consumed about 2,800 fewer calories per week than those who were not. And the peppermint was effective whether ingested or inhaled!
  3. Fights depression and fatigue – the menthol in mint is widely recognized for having a calming, soothing effect.  Drinking sips of mint water while breathing in its soothing scent can help make you feel calmer and more energized.
  4. Improves oral health – mint is naturally antibacterial and can freshen your breath.

How to Make Cucumber Lemon Mint Detox Water

cucumber lemon mint detox water - how to make



Add the mint leaves, cucumber and lemon slices to a fruit infuser water bottle (about 4 cups).  Store the water bottle in the refrigerator and let it infuse for at least 3 hours or overnight before drinking,  The longer the infusion time, the more flavorful the water. 

Tips & Alternatives

If you find your gums become sensitive to the acidic lemon juice, drink this cucumber lemon mint detox water with a straw to minimize your gum exposure.  

The acidity of lemon may also potentially erode your tooth enamel over time, so all the more reason to drink with a reusable glass straw whenever you are having lemon drinks.

If you prefer the taste of lime or want to try different types of mints, feel free to adjust the ingredients based on your taste preference.  Most of us don’t drink enough water during the day, so make that plain water more interesting to you so you will drink more and reap the benefits of this healthy water drinking habit!

How to Use Cucumber Lemon Mint Detox Water for Weight Loss

cucumber lemon mint detox water - weight loss

The best time to drink this cucumber lemon mint water is first thing in the morning upon waking.  Your body is craving water first thing in the morning.  During your sleep, your body has been in a natural state of fasting all night.  Drinking detox water upon rising will help to jumpstart your metabolism and digestive system.  

Having water on an empty stomach helps in cleansing the colon, which in turn increases the efficiency of the intestines to absorb nutrients.  It also helps to flush out toxins from your body and improve bowel movements to prevent constipation and digestive issues.  

Start your day with 1-2 glasses of the detox water first thing in the morning.  Then during the day, drink the detox water 30 minutes prior to each meal.  Not only will the detox water improve your nutritional digestion, but it can also prevent overeating.  

As we get older, our ability to distinguish between thirst and hunger diminishes, and we can often mistake thirst signals for hunger.  Drinking water 30 minutes before mealtime prevents excessive eating due to misinterpreted body signals.  

How Long does Cucumber Lemon Mint Water Last?

Detox water is best when consumed first thing in the morning after the ingredients have had a chance to infuse overnight in the fridge.

Most fruits and vegetables are good for 1 to 2 more infusions during the day.  This makes things easier so you only need to make one detox water infusion each day, and consume the detox water within a 24-hour period. 

Sharing is caring! Give this refreshing cucumber lemon mint detox water recipe a try and let us know what you think in the comments!

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