It’s no secret that we need to be more sustainable in this world. We have all heard the word “sustainable” thrown around but many of us don’t really know what it means and how we can make a difference.

Easy sustainable swaps for kitchen and home. Environmentally friendly living and eco friendly tips to help you reduce carbon footprint, save money and live a plastic free life.

In this post, we’ll go into 12 easy sustainable swaps that you’ll want to incorporate into your life! These tips will help you reduce your carbon footprint while also saving you money.

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1. Reusable Coffee Cup instead of Single-use Coffee Cup

Are you a coffee lover? Did you know that most single-use paper coffee cups contain plastic lining inside the cup to keep the liquids from leaking?

Not only does this mean that these cups can’t be properly recycled, but it also brings concerns about chemical leaching from the plastic.

Save the planet, your health, and your wallet by switching to this gorgeous reusable coffee travel mug.

By using this stainless steel mug, you’ll save hundreds of disposable cups from ending up in landfills each year!

You’ll save money because many coffee shops will even give you a small discount if you bring your own cup!

And the best part? Your coffee stays warm for up to 6 hours!

2. Reusable Shopping Bag instead of Plastic Bags

Sustainable swaps - reusable grocery bag

Reduce plastic bag pollution by using reusable shopping bags!

Keep a lightweight and compact one that fits in your pockets or purses for the occasional milk run, or get a shopping trolley for your weekly grocery runs.

A lot of grocery stores sell reusable shopping bags too, you can easily find one in your local stores to do your part in saving the planet.

3. Second Hand/Vintage Clothing instead of Fast Fashion

The environmental impact of fast fashion clothing production is staggering and includes toxic chemicals, hazardous dyes, water overconsumption, the energy needed to transport the clothes across oceans, carbon emissions from manufacturing plants, and much more.

It’s a good idea to buy second-hand clothing or vintage, so you don’t have to contribute to that problem.

Second-hand clothes are budget-friendly and eco-friendly. They can be found at many different places including garage sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, online sites, and social media groups where clothe swaps events are often posted.

My favorite online shop is Thredup, where you can find high-quality designer clothing for a fraction of the price! Get a $10 shopping credit when you sign up with this link.

Make your clothing sustainable swaps to look good and feel good!

4. LED Light Bulbs instead of Incandescent Light Bulbs

Sustainable swaps - LED bulbs x433

LED light bulbs are a great way to reduce your energy use and the amount of CO₂ that is emitted into the environment.

LED light bulbs last for up to 10 years or more, so it’s worth investing in them now.

They may be more expensive than traditional incandescent light bulbs, but you make your money back quickly on your monthly electricity savings!

My electricity cost reduced by almost 50% each month after switching all of my incandescent light bulbs to LEDs.

5. Digital Books instead of Physical Books

While I love the look and feel of physical books, it can be a hassle to lug them around on trips and vacations.

Save trees and consider reading digital versions of books through services like Kindle Unlimited.

Listening to books is a great hands-off way to learn while cooking or watching the kids play in the park.

My kids enjoy reading more interactive digital books from Epic, where they can easily get the pronunciation and definition of a word just by placing their finger on the word.

They also love the book quiz feature which helps me as a parent check their understanding of the material.

6. Reusable Bottles instead of Plastic Water Bottles

Single-use plastic water bottles are a major source of plastic pollution.

Switching to reusable water bottles is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint and help protect our environment.

These stylish stainless steel water bottles are a great choice because they keep your drinks cold for up to 48 hours or hot for up to 24 hours. They’re also BPA-free.

7. Reusable Food Wraps instead of Plastic Wraps

Plastic food wraps are not only expensive, but they also end up in our oceans and landfills.

These sustainable wraps will help reduce your carbon footprint while also saving money, especially over the long term.

There are many great plastic wrap alternatives, including storing your leftovers in food storage containers with lids to reduce plastic wrap waste.

8. Reusable Straws instead of Plastic Straws

It’s estimated that the U.S. alone uses 500 million straws every single day (source)!

The plastic straws we use today will only be used for a few minutes, but they’ll last forever in landfills and oceans!

Swap out single-use plastic straws with these durable and reusable glass straws that are easy to clean.

9. Silicone Mats instead of Aluminum Foil/Parchment Paper

Sustainable swaps - silicone mat x433

Aluminum foil and parchment paper are often thrown out after just one use, and often can’t be recycled because they came in contact with food.

Silicone mats are reusable, eco-friendly, and heat resistant to temperatures up to 450℉.

Cleaning is a breeze as they’re dishwasher-safe so you can just toss them in your dishwasher! So make this easy sustainable swap for your next meal!

10. Reusable Silicone Baking Cups instead of Single-Use Baking Cups

Reusable silicone baking cups allow you to bake without the waste of single-use paper.

These non-toxic and BPA-free reusable baking cups are made from silicone, so they’re oven-safe and can withstand temperatures up to 400℉!

Use them for muffins, brownies, or even jello gelatin molds!

11. Reusable Glass Storage Containers instead of Plastic Containers

Plastic containers should be avoided, especially when it comes to storing hot food because of the potential of chemical leaching.

You can swap them out with these durable and reusable glass storage containers!

These are perfect for storing leftovers, lunch boxes, packing snacks for a road trip…the possibilities are endless!

Their airtight lids keep your food fresh for longer, and they look great as serving dishes.

They’re dishwasher-safe, microwave-save, and oven-safe.

Alternatively, you can store overnight oats or soups in mason jars.

12. Cloth Napkins instead of Paper Napkins

Replace your paper napkins with some new cloth ones to help save trees.

Jazz up your dining table with this set of 100% French flax linen cloth napkins that come in elegant soft natural stonewashed colors for everyday use.

The soft fabric is more expensive but will last much longer than other alternatives because it’s high-quality and durable.

It’s also easy to clean being machine washable.

It’s never too early or late to start with these sustainable swaps!

We hope these easy sustainable swaps have helped you to make more environmentally conscious decisions in your day-to-day life!

We can’t change the world overnight but we can start saving it one small step at a time.

Share with us your sustainable swaps by leaving a comment below!