The ONLY 3 Things

You Need To Do To Lose Weight Permanently

How to go from restrictive diets and extreme workouts to effortlessly slim down and end yo-yo dieting forever.
with Joanna Wen

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>> The top 3 mistakes almost everyone makes that keep them stuck in the endless cycles of yo-yo dieting (mistake #1 will have you doing 5 workouts a week without seeing results!)

>> Why people can’t keep the weight off… and what you are missing so that you never have to feel guilty over another mindless binge.

>> My 3-step system to get your ideal health, body, and confidence…without dieting, non-stop exercising, or superhuman discipline (this is the same system I used to heal my body from postpartum belly fat, high cholesterol, and even chronic nail-biting!)

I’m proud to say that I have lost a whopping 50 lbs over the past 7-8 months.

I have also experienced a couple of health benefits such as an energy boost, and no more cramps during the time of the month, knee pain, and unwanted fatigue.

Indra L.

Working mom of 3 in her 40s.

I was a yo-yo dieter. I felt hopeless and helpless about my weight, weight loss, and food choices.

Now, I feel empowered to make good choices that will contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

I do feel better overall, sleep better, have reduced perimenopausal symptoms and have even lost 7 lbs.

Liz M.

Busy mom of 4 in her 50s.

Prior to beginning Joanna’s program, I had pretty much given up and what would happen, would happen.

I am far more positive and cognizant of my body today! I’ve dropped 15 pounds and I am no longer thinking of or craving food. No more eating mindlessly. I’m so surprised that my quest to lose weight would transform so many areas of my life.

I’ve grown. I love myself. I laugh more. I feel so alive, so excited to continue this journey of newness for the rest of my life.

Amy A.

Business Owner in her 60s.

Hi there, I’m Joanna Wen.

I am a certified life and weight loss coach who specializes in helping fellow moms to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way that fits their busy lifestyle.

A graduate of Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological and Environmental Engineering, I enjoy hacking my own health using food as medicine.

I’ve been able to use food to gain weight to carry my twins to full-term (on my petite 5-foot tall frame at age 40), and then lose 28 pounds and trim 9 inches off my post-pregnancy waist without dieting or exercising.

Before this, I discovered that I healed my nearsightedness by drinking green smoothies, and also lowered my blood pressure naturally with food and weaned off medication.

I can help you to take control of your health so that you can finally get off that hamster wheel of yo-yo dieting and live life the way you want!

Online Weight Loss Coach Joanna Wen